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“Artfully Argentine” ... FRÍO Gelato prides itself in bringing a true Argentine gelatería experience to the United States from our delicious flavors as well as the look and feel of our stores.  We bring you our gelatos and sorbets in the most Argentine way possible – in a CUCURUCHO and BARQUILLO  - but also “artfully” take it a step further by making our own FRÍO Gelato creations. 

Experience dessert in an entirely new way .... Artfully Argentine!


(pronounced “coo-coo-ROO-choh”)  

The iconic waffle cone, made daily in our FRÍO Gelato stores, with the swirl of gelato on top. Try it dipped in chocolate!


 Ever want to have the ultimate Argentine gelato experience, but didn't know what flavors to choose?  We offer a sampler of the most typical Argentine gelato flavors on one platter:  dulce de leche, sambayón, malbec with berries and yerba mate.

Or order the flight with your own choice of flavors!  Available in winter only.


The alfajor (pronounced "alpha-HOR") is a typical Argentine cookie that is normally made from cornmeal.  At FRÍO we fill the vanilla alfajores with dulce de leche gelato and the chocolate ones with strawberry. Then we dip both in our housemade chocolate dip! Thus — "Alfa-lato".


(pronounced “bar-KEY-yo”)

Homemade waffle bowl with the two scoops of gelato inside. Try it drizzled with chocolate or with toppings! Translation:  little boat.


(pronounced “cah-feh-LAH-toh")

A FRÍO Gelato creation of coffee that is flavored with your choice of melted gelato, instead of artificial syrups, making a delicious and unique hot beverage.


Either a dulce de leche, strawberry, or tropical fruit sundae, with FRÍO Gelato, specialty toppings, and delicious sauces.


(pronounced "ah-oh-GAH-doh)

A frozen dessert which is a shot of espresso poured over a cup of gelato, similar to an Italian "affogato". In Spanish, "ahogado" means "drowned"... so gelato drowned in espresso.



(pronounced “coo-coo-ROO-choh

deh choh-coh-LAH-teh”)

The iconic FRÍO Gelato waffle cone made with chocolate batter.


The Argentine-style shot of espresso with milk - similar to a macchiato. In Spanish, "cortado" means "cut"... so strong espresso cut with milk.


FRÍO Gelato's original HOT CHOCO-LATO! We melt our delicious chocolate gelato and swirl it with steamed milk to fill your tummy.


Toppings on gelato you say?  That's not how they do it in Italy!  But, we say... "why not?"


Our housemade chocolate dip adds that extra flair to your cucurucho, barquillo, alfa-lato or gelato/sorbet in a cup.  Made fresh daily at our retail stores

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