FRÍO Gelato is made in small batches in our Evanston, IL kitchen, and delivered daily to our retail stores, so each swirl is delicious and fresh




While many gelato manufacturers use pre-made bases and add artificial powdered flavorings to make their gelato, FRÍO Gelato pasteurizes and produces a homemade recipe made with hormone-free milk and natural ingredients.


Here’s our artisanal recipe based on the Argentine gelato tradition: 

1. Measure and mix our housemade base gelato recipe from hormone-free milk, cream, and pure cane sugar.

2. Pasteurize and homogenize our artisanal recipe in small batches at our allergy-friendly Evanston kitchen.

3. Add in natural ingredients, including seasonal fruit, imported Argentine dulce de leche, or high quality chocolate,to create different flavors. No artificial flavorings added.
Here we see Malbec wine being added to make our Malbec with Berries flavor.

4. Churn until our gelato has the perfect creamy consistency.

5. Add on specialty toppings, such as raspberry preserves, merengue crumbs,

or sprinkles. Then we serve our delicious gelato in either a cup, barquillo, 'Cucurucho Swirl', or any other FRÍO specialty!

allergy friendly